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1. Who is

February 2014 will bring about the launch of, an on-line government contract portal created specifically for Western Canada, powered by the trusted engine. offers one of the most advanced eProcurement solutions designed specifically for public sector organizations (PSOs).  It allows  simple posting of tenders through to a fully automated  procurement process, including:

  • Requisitions and approvals
  • Creation of bid document 
  • Bid notifications to potential bidders
  • Document distribution, including document charges, if requested by buyer
  • Vendor Prequalification, when required
  • Submissions of bid responses, including electronically
  • Unit pricing, when required
  • Ability for General Contractors to access Sub-Contractors,
  • Evaluation tools
  • Contract negotiation, execution and administration
  • Awarding on-line
  • Vendor scoring
  • Change management

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2. Tenders

In addition to the bids published directly by our PSO partners, also researches the PSO websites of those organizations who have not joined the list of bid publishing partners, provincially operated bid sites and newspapers and offer them as a key benefit to subscribers. Daily bid notice emails will have a list of new bids published for each day and addendum alerts so subscribers can avoid browsing various sites every day. Businesses interested in winning contracts from governmental organizations across western Canada can benefit by utilizing by easily discovering bid opportunities. In January 2014, partnered with Bedstone Consulting of Calgary, AB to operate and provide local representation to both PSOs and their suppliers. PSOs in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba now have full access to all the advanced eProcurement solutions developed by

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3. Who is

Since 1993,, the leading governmental contract portal in Canada, has been developing public sector eProcurement solutions that go above and beyond the eTendering requirements, which have been mandated for all public sector organizations in Canada. is currently being utilized by over 1,000 PSOs to publish bid notices from across Canada. Over 80,000 business users are benefiting from the 40,000+ bid opportunities published annually. (Click here to see a list of Public Sector Bid Publishing Partners)
Many PSO's utilize's basic services such as:

And premium services to:

As a pioneer in the public sector bid opportunity portal operator business, recognized that the public sector market relies heavily on their local supplier, regardless if the bidding process remains open to businesses across Canada. This prevalent notion moved Biddingo to design and develop their solutions to partner with local businesses to operate portals in economically self-sustainable regions across Canada and beyond, without compromising the core functionalities. As of January 2014:

Currently, is actively looking for a partner in Atlantic Canada, as well, to bring Biddingo's state of the art public procurement solutions to the eastern provinces.

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4. Who can benefit from

Various levels of governmental organizations utilize Biddingo's  network, including provinces, crown corporations, agencies, municipalities, school boards, universities and colleges, hospitals, housing authorities, etc.
Unlike the private sector, the public sector's bidding process must be open and accommodating to corporations of all sizes and types, devoid of any bias to promote a fair process. The Biddingo network is recognized nationally as a leading bid portal for Canadian PSOs to publish their bid opportunities and adhere to the eTendering requirements. Typical bid categories include:

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5. Why should I subscribe to

Enterprises seeking business with any public sector organization require:

A subscription to, includes:

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6. Subscription pricing?

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7. Will I receive several email alerts if my business is under more than one category?

You will be notified of different bids pertaining to your business through one daily email, which aggregates all relevant bid opportunities. You can, however, receive more than one email from the system if a buyer invites you to participate in an invite-only bid.

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8. Do I have to sign up separately to and

The Biddingo network takes advantage of its technology to make it as simple as possible for our valued subscribers to navigate the system. Biddingo offers the single-login feature to access any number of portals the subscriber signs up for. When you sign up with or, you will receive one daily bid notification email per day, which contains bid opportunities published from bid portals you have not signed up for yet. When you want to sign up with other portals, just add them to your profile to subscribe to that portal, without having to log in separately to browse those chosen portals.

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9. Which public sector organizations are utilizing

Biddingo Clients Include:

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10. Biddingo for suppliers

Thousands of suppliers rely on’s online bid portal to help them locate and bid on business in the governmental sectors. This includes Municipal, Academic, School Board and Healthcare opportunities, plus many more! Government agencies in Canada buy virtually every product or service imaginable and spend $100 billion each year doing it. Typical bid categories include:

  • office supplies and furniture
  • construction
  • food and food services
  • legal services
  • video and broadcast production
  • uniforms
  • medical/surgical equipment and supplies
  • event planning, banquets and conferences
  • roads, bridges, snow removal
  • plumbing, HVAC
  • computers and telecom
  • carpet cleaning
  • management consulting services
  • and much more.
“I have been on the system for only 2 weeks and I think it's fantastic. I have already quoted on 2 pieces of business…”
— G.T. French Paper Ltd.
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11. Get Biddingo to improve your bottom line!

You can’t bid on a project if you don’t know about it

It seems like the Biddingo mantra, but it’s true. How many times have you missed out on an opportunity that you knew about, not to mention the times you weren’t informed of them? That’s why suppliers register with They can rest assured knowing that they won’t miss any relevant bid opportunities.

Subscribers have online access 24/7 to navigate the Biddingo database, which contains thousands of bid opportunities from various business sectors. Biddingo has created 14 main business categories, and 80 subcategories reflecting the needs of public sector buyers, so that you as a vendor can locate the bid opportunity with a simple click of the mouse. Click here for descriptions of the Main Categories link.

Many suppliers recognize that the North American marketplace is too important to be ignored. More significantly, this marketplace is recession proof. Budgets are set and they have to be spent. Unfortunately many companies do not have the time or resources to focus on these markets. Instead of having to spend hours searching for relevant bids, gives you the opportunity to be on a level playing field. For pennies a day, your company can take a proactive approach to locate business opportunities and even have them come to you!

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12. Access to buyers — the Biddingo advantage

When you subscribe to Biddingo, you get to access more than just bid opportunities. Subscribers can also place their company name in front of public sector buyers. Biddingo offers a wide variety of tools to buyers that allows them to interact with suppliers in a fair, open and transparent portal.

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13. Supplier features and benefits

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14. Get the backstage pass!

When you subscribe to Biddingo you get unlimited access

One subscription gives you access to everything
Biddingo subscribers have access to all bid opportunities from the public and private sector.

Access to exclusive opportunities
Biddingo gives you access to public sector organizations that post exclusively on You won’t find their bid opportunities anywhere else!

Access to all open and historical bid opportunities
Once you subscribe, you’ll be able to access open and closed bid opportunities. The historical bid search feature lets you determine how many contracts to expect in your category, plus you’ll see the opportunities you’ve already missed!

Perform multiple search functions
Subscribers have a number of bid search options. You can search all open bids by keyword, category, location and MyProfile. Plus, you can search historical bids, to see how many bids you’ve already missed!

FREE access to documents
Why pay bid document fees elsewhere? As a subscriber, you have FREE access to electronic bid documents as long as government buyers aren’t charging for them. 1

FREE automatic delivery of amendments
Why pay for extra for amendments? At Biddingo, it’s included with your subscription.

Unlimited opportunity matching profiles
When you register with Biddingo, your company can select to receive bid notices from multiple categories at no extra cost. This means that when the research department locates new bid opportunities, you will receive all relevant bids, not just bids from one category.

Get on the bidder’s list
As a supplier, this is your first step to getting government business. When you register your company on the Vendor Registration form, the public sector organization receives notification of your interest to bid on upcoming opportunities. You may also receive bid invitations from this buyer.

Expand into B2B (Business-to-Business) bidding
With Biddingo’s new B2B service, corporate organizations that subscribe to Biddingo have access to more opportunities. Suppliers can quote on sales leads from other businesses. Corporate buyers can purchase goods and services by publishing a B2B bid on and post RFP’s and RFQ’s using the same process used by public sector buyers at no extra cost! 2

Promote your company online
Subscribers can easily promote their business on by placing their name in front of thousands of buyers. Simply list your company name, offerings and awarded contracts in our online directory to inform buyers, peers and your competition of your success.

Access to Group/ Bulk Buying
This new service allows all types of businesses (SME and large organizations) to expand into business-to-business and group buying.

Dedicated research team
Our sourcing experts research new bid opportunities to save you time searching websites, newspapers etc. We work on behalf of purchasing managers to ensure all their vendors and suppliers are notified of bid opportunities.

1 Biddingo recommends that public sector organizations post documents for free, but in some instances buyers will sell bid documents through Biddingo. 2 This is a complimentary service for subscribers during the introductory period.

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15. How to get started

For Subscription Costs, Click Here

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16. Competing for Government Business

“Our company extracted an additional 300k in sales via this system and our company has had widespread awareness since subscribing to this service.”
— G.W. Anglin Mfg & Van/Truck Equipment

Government contracts are not just for large corporations. There are contracts of all sizes for all types of products and services. In fact, government agencies in Canada have recently changed the way they do business to make it easier for small and medium sized organizations to bid on and win contracts. Price is only one of several factors that figure into bid assessments, allowing companies of all sizes to compete for the business.

Biddingo specializes in the provincial and MESH (Municipal, Education, School Board and Healthcare) sector. This means small, medium and large enterprises can compete for these bids… and win. The best way to access these great opportunities is to subscribe to

Your tax dollars are funding these contracts — why not get a piece of the action?

Subscribers can access bid opportunities online, download bid packages at no cost (as long as bid owners don’t charge) and get bid alerts emailed to them daily. For full subscription benefits, click here.

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17. Purchasing Agencies using

Here are some purchasing agencies that use to advertise and distribute their bid documents.

City of Saskatoon
Misericordia Health Centre
University of Manitoba

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18. Business to business (B2B) opportunities

Letting you buy and bid!

With Biddingo’s new B2B service, corporate organizations that subscribe to Biddingo have access to more opportunities. Suppliers can quote on sales leads from other businesses. Corporate buyers can purchase goods and services by publishing a B2B bid on and post RFP’s and RFQ’s using the same process used by public sector buyers at no extra cost! 2

This allows suppliers to respond to private sector buyers in addition to being a buyer. Organizations of all sizes (small, medium and large) can take advantage of this Biddingo service.

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19. How bids are organized

All bids are organized into 14 categories and 80 subcategories which are easy to use and understand. Biddingo does not use SIC codes. Click here to review categories and view the bids available in your business category.

Find out how many bids are posted in your category right now!

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20. Get in front of public sector buyers with Vendor Registration

It’s your ticket to getting an invitation from buyers

Public sector purchasing departments buy numerous types of goods and services. When they are preparing to buy, they will be aware of various vendors who provide that particular product or service. In some instances, they may ask these vendors to provide them with a quote. If the purchasing department is not aware of your company, or the products and services you provide, you will not be notified when the buyer is looking to purchase that type of product or service. This means that you may be miss out on many business opportunities!

Before you complete the Vendor Application form, read the Vendor Registration FAQs. To get on the bidder’s list, click here.

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